Welcome to RelicCraft!

SerClowniac a posted Oct 4, 17  -  IntroRelicCraftserver

Looking for something a little different?

Want a (mostly) Vanilla-ish Minecraft experience, but with an ever-evolving lore-filled world, massive server events to play in, and tons of dungeons, unique and powerful "Relic" items, and other created content to explore and find?

What about a team of very active and friendly staff whose one job is making sure you have the most engaging and fun time possible?

How about a world where your actions and the actions of others can trigger new events, uncover new content, discover new Relics, and even permanently change the world you play in?

Combine a classic RPG story world with the mechanics and gameplay of classic Minecraft, throw in a steady stream of massive player events, and an ever-evolving player experience, and you get something like the world of Craftia.

Come see why RelicCraft is unlike anything you've ever played before!