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Discussion about general topics.
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By SerClowniac a Oct 14, 17
Here's where you show off all the cool stuff you've built on the server!
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By Iceeblue Jan 5, 18
This forum is for the discussion of any and all aspects of RelicCraft's Lore, including the powers and (suspected) locations of known Relics, and the coordinates of known Excavations.
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By Miyyist Nov 28, 17
Have an idea that you think would benefit the server a lot? How about an idea for a really cool or unique Relic or event? Post it all here!
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By Miyyist Jan 19, 18
Chat about anything gaming related, no matter what platform!.
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By Iceeblue Jan 5, 18
This is where we document all server setting and code tweaks, changes or additions to Spawn, creation of new protected Lore areas, and other meaningful changes that can affect the player experience.
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By SerClowniac a Jan 5, 18
Discover a bug, error, glitch, or goof-up somewhere in the world? Report it here! Report that leads to the fixing of a genuine problem will result in the reporter being rewarded for their efforts, so make sure you post!
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By wizwort Jan 21, 18
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Meet the people behind the avatars!
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Feel like you've been unfairly punished for something? This is the place to appeal your ban! But remember, all staff rulings on this forum are final, so make sure you come prepared.
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By CSHOnline Nov 26, 17
Wanna join the dope RelicCraft staff team? Here's where you tell us why YOU should be part of the crew!
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By Iceeblue Jan 5, 18
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Official news and announcements.
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Let us know what you think about our cool new website!
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By Wiidjo Nov 12, 17
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Wanna talk about anything that doesn't fit any of the other categories? Post it here. But remember, keep it civil (and within the server rules)!
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