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SerClowniac a posted Oct 4, 17  -  IntroRelicCraftserver

Looking for something a little different?

Want a (mostly) Vanilla-ish Minecraft experience, but with an ever-evolving lore-filled world, massive server events to play in, and tons of dungeons, unique and powerful "Relic" items, and other created content to explore and find?

What about a team of very active and friendly staff whose one job is making sure you have the most engaging and fun time possible?

How about a world where your actions and the actions of others can trigger new events, uncover new content, discover new Relics, and even permanently change the world you play in?

Combine a classic RPG story world with the mechanics and gameplay of classic Minecraft, throw in a steady stream of massive player events, and an ever-evolving player experience, and you get something like the world of Craftia.

To apply to join our community, simply follow this link, and fill out an application! (You will need to register on this site first)-

Apply to join here!

aving difficulty registering, or want to learn more about the community? Join our Discord!

Come see why RelicCraft is unlike anything you've ever played before!

By popular request, here are the voting links for RelicCraft! Thank you all for your support!

DigsLove Thank you, thank you, and more thanks!
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